Been Busy

Despite my desires to continue building out the various projects I work on in my free time, the reality is that I simply don't have the desire or drive to do so these days.

That sounds like the lead-up to a post about depression (something I certainly have struggled with in the past), but ironically what has brought this on is the opposite. My current work is fulfilling in all of the ways that my side projects had been previously. The result is not necessarily that I'm spending more time working (though I certainly do at times compared to my previous position) but that I simply don't feel the need to do that kind of work in my own time anymore.

That said, this is certainly a cycle. Nothing lasts forever, and I expect I'll be back on the side-project-train one day. I'll probably work on little things here and there even before then - I'm certainly active enough in various gamedev communities to pick up ideas for little things to go after - but it's unlikely I'll be attempting anything too big (or finishing up my current projects) in the near term.

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