Here is a list of projects I have worked on (not in any specific order). Some projects I post about may not be in this list as they don't have any public-facing information available.

You may also find my GitHub profile here.

Wake Engine

A small work-in-progress game engine written in C++ with Lua scripting.


A single-header C++ library that provides a simple entity-component-system framework. It supports any type as a component, an event system, and is around 1.1k LOC.


A simple scripting language focused on image manipulation


PlayPen is a server management framework designed to handle balancing ephemeral services across a series of physical machines. Designed with hosting minecraft servers in mind, it has been used to handle over 100 server instances with 1,500+ players.

Humans vs Zombies @ RIT

The website used for the Fall 2014 through Fall 2017 weeklong games of Humans vs Zombies @ RIT. The gist of the game is that there is a team of humans and a team of zombies. Humans have nerf blasters and may “stun” zombies for a period of time by shooting them. Zombies may tag humans to kill them and convert them over to being zombies. The weeklong game has over 850 people participating, and uses a complex website to keep track of missions, tags, and players.

The original site was written in PHP using the Symfony framework. It supported per-team missions, id tags for players, achievements (badges), and a heatmap of infections.

The newest version of the site is written for NodeJS using Sails and Ember. It has all the features of the previous website, but adds per-team polls, a simple blog and announcement system, and a streamlined registration process.